• Capron Park Zoo

    Found in the heart of Attleboro, Capron Park Zoo is one of the city's premiere recreation destinations. Visitors can immerse themselves in the warmth and wonder of a tropical rainforest, be awed by the roar of our lion pride, or simply enjoy the wonders of animals from all over the globe. With something to amaze and inspire the whole family, Capron Park Zoo is a fun-filled place for the young and young-at-heart.

    Visit the Zoo's website
  • ACT

    Attleboro Community Theater is an organization founded for the purpose of bringing theater to the people of the Attleboros. During its history, the group has produced such outstanding plays as: The Diary of Anne Frank, Cemetery Club, A Few Good Men, The Boys Next Door, Crossing Delancey and A Christmas Carol. Check out their next play. It's likely to be a good one. They all are.

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  • LaSalette

    With their Christmas display of lights, they are an attraction from all corners of New England.

    Visit LaSalette's website
  • Attleboro Industrial Museum

    It is the mission of the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum, Inc. (AAIM) to collect and preserve the artifacts, photographs, documents, publications, tools, and machinery that relate to the industrial history of the Attleboro area.

    Visit the Museum's website


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Chamber of Commerce

The United Regional Chamber of Commerce, with an office in Attleboro is a great resource for any business in the area. They cover 16 communities and provide networking events. As they say, "People do Business with People they Know."

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United Way

United Way, with an office in Attleboro, impacts more lives than any other non-profit organization—anywhere. From tiny babies to developing youth, to families in crisis and the elderly, United Way works the hardest to do the most good in the local community.

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Registry of Motor Vehicles

There's an RMV conveniently located in downtown Attleboro. Take advantage of it and avoid waiting in long lines. Check out their website for more information.

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Women at Work Museum

Honoring the achievements of women throughout history, the museum provides educational programs that promote leadership, economic independence and expertise in math, science, engineering and technology.


The attleboro.com community site targets community events and companies that deal with the community. Our challenge is to put online as many events as possible to get people of the area involved in events, face to face, the old fashioned way. While we are fans of the internet and support social media, we'd like to see people participating in events, interact with one another, for the greater good of the community.

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